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About him

Thomas Pixel Pedersen, have after his studies in Washington, USA worked within in marketing, management and photography. He is a visual artist who focuses on photography, photo manipulation and installations.

He photographs and exhibits in many parts of the world, and his images are dramatic, cinematic and timeless. They often illustrate surreal events. The photographs are artfully staged, the light is most often natural light, which he mixes with artificial light from flash and tungsten lamps.




The art work "The Corner" and "The Family Board Meeting" were selected in 2017 and 2019 respectively for the "Portrait Now" exhibition at the National History Museum at Frederiksborg Castle and for the exhibition at the Ljungberg Museum, in Sweden.

Several of his photographs have won international awards, he have been
awarded gold by the Photographic Society of America and given 5 gold medals at the Trierenberg Art Circuit.

In 2021, Thomas Pixel Pedersen also received the Medal of Honor as Nordic Grand Master in Photography and have previous years been the best-placed Danish photographer, in the world's largest photo competition "The World Is Beautiful".

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